3 anti-aging MUSTS for more radiants hands

Yea, I know. My blog posts come and go. I usually like to write when I feel inspired by a topic. I recently did a skincare shoot with Olivia Kohler and thought it would be fitting to talk about skin care for hands. Being a hand model has its ebbs and flows. One of the perks is learning all the tips and tricks to soft skin, clean nails and a lot of compliments. I think hand mantanence is one area of hygiene often skipped unless it’s a special event then it’s a non-negotiable. I’m here to say if you build a in skin care routine , you’ll be shocked how quickly the results show up! So let’s get down to it..

1. Moisturize hands daily. One of my favorite ways to moisturize is with Vitamin-E oil. It starts off oily then my skin soaks it up and is left with a nice glow. It’s great for cuticles too. You can find vitamin e oil at your local drug store.

2. Get a manicure often to clean up cuticles and even out nails. Get this.. one time I got 3 manicures in 1 week. It was so awesome and my hands were looking oh so smooth and polished. I know that’s a bit extreme for the newbies but once you start manicuring, you’ll see a difference right away. Now a days, I do them myself to save time & money and because hand modeling is a last minute job. Often times I don’t have enough time to get into the salon so I’ve learned to become a pro at natural manicures. Fun fact, as a kid I would enjoy painting my nails fun colors every other day and during the holidays make cute designs on them. Now my fave brand is longwear by Essie.

3. Wear gloves whenever possible. This is so important if your trying to have more radiant looking skin. Gloves help to lock in moisture and make them feel baby soft! Anytime I do the following tasks I wear my gloves and have different kinds depending on the task.

  • Washing dishes - so important here. dish soap drys out your skin and nails causing nails to become brittle and skin to not look radiant. Use generic dish gloves.

  • Cleaning - Again the chemicals that get on your skin and nails are so damaging. Pick up a pair of medical gloves at your local drug store. Their cheap and worth it! ATTN: watch out for skin irritations.. change materials if skin gets a rash.

  • UV exposure - This is one of the more permanent things that can damage the skin. Anytime I’m running outside, driving or even on the beach.. yes I have my gloves on. When your hands are the money makers you’d do the same! I have UV protecting gloves that are skin tone so they don’t look that noticeable.

So if you learned anything today about glowing hand model hands.. take care of them. Treat them just as you would your skin care routine for your face. I’d love to know how it works out for you. Tag me on Instagram and show me those radiant hands! If you have any questions or topics you’d love to know more about.. ask away!

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