Morton Salt Girl Goes on A Boat.

“Can’t go to sea without salt” - Morton Salt


Seeing the evolution of the Morton salt brand gave myself , Frank kwaikowski from G Market Chef & Rich schumaker from Only1Schu inspiration for our own version of the Morton Salt Girl’s journey to continue building our portfolios.


Are you one of us? Most modern women of today wonder how we got along only in the kitchen. Life is so fast paced and scheduled to the last second and yes we can do it too. By keeping the modern woman in mind we thought to more accuratly reflect the woman of today. What do women do these days, they have fun, like go sailing, yoga, work, meet up with girl friends. Truth be told the average number of americans eating out over 49 million people reported visiting a quick service restaurant in the spring of 2016. Specifically keeping in mind how most Modern Americans consume food, On-The-Go. We wanted something refreshing, healthy and easily portable that you’d typically like to eat while on a boat. Knowing on-the-go is the way to go Chef Frank K created the perfect portable on-the-go summer recipe, Summer Melon salad.

Frank says, “When creating dishes my primary focus is balance. The salt, fats, acids, textures, sugars, and flavors have to meet each other in the middle in order for the dish to be a success. When creating a sweet dish involving fruit it’s easy to forget that salt is an essential part of bringing out the natural flavors and sweetness. I prefer morton sea salt because of its portability, accessibility and earthy flavor components. Creating a flavorful fruit salad is best done using the fruits that are in the peak of their season. Almost all of my recipes are simply guidelines so that those who are recreating them are able to put their own spin, ideas and skills at work. “ See the recipe below.

Summer Melon Salad


  • 1 Half Seedless Watermelon 

  • 1 Half Honeydew Melon 

  • 1 Half Muskmelon 

  • Organic Sugar TT 

  • Morton Sea Salt TT

  • ½ Cup Toasted Pecans 

  • ½ Cup Toasted Shredded Coconut 

  • Fresh Herbs TT (Basil or Mint) 

Using a melon baller create spheres from the melon. You can also cut them into cubes. Taste each melon and decide if they are sweet or if they need enhancement. If they aren’t sweet enough add some sugar and toss in a bowl. Once the fruit is sweet enough add a pinch of salt and toss again. Taste the fruit. It should taste sweeter but also more flavorful. Keep repeating this process until the fruit is packed with flavor. Place the fruit in a resealable container for later use. Once you are ready to serve garnish with toasted pecans, shredded coconut and fresh herbs.  You can substitute any sort of nut for this. Shredded coconut can be replaced with any sort of dry fruit. Fresh herbs such as basil and mint will be best for this however you can experiment lavender, oregano, and sage and see what works, you will be surprised by the flavor combinations you can achieve with a little experimentation.


There you have it a fun new recipe and creative way to approach branding and portfolio building. Follow us @nunezkristen, @gmarketchef !