Hey There!

I’m Kristen Nuñez. I’m a model, actress with passions for digital marketing & food photography. Oh, and swearing by green smoothies, big naps and tropical sunsets.

I wasn’t always in the business of entertainment with all
 the bookings, the portfolio, the agents, the network... actually, right out of college you could have found me late night promoting House Music Legend, DJ Ron Trent’s record label, and running around putting unwanted clothes back on the shelves at Express. I knew I was still searching to fulfill my passion but wasn’t totally convinced what it was just yet.

At the age of 19, I invested in my first photoshoot. Why? Because I had a curiousity that had yet to be explored — being a model. And little did I know, that first investment led me on a fantastic journey of being a model and actress. Today you can find me in my artsy “Windy City” industrial loft thinking of all the ways to escape the rigid winters and soak up all the rays on the sunny beaches of Playa Del Carmen.

On my off days you can find me at the local coffee shop dreaming of ways to collaborate with uber creative individuals or geeking out about digital marketing and e-commerce.