To hire or Not to Hire a Coach.

Hey, Kristen here.

Advice is a very valuable tool. Receiving it is one thing but taking action is the real work. As an entrepreneur, being self motivated, staying open minded and building a positive network helped me stay in pursuit. We all have different skillsets, understanding your strengths and weaknesses can help determine your personal areas of opportunity. Take the quiz to find out if having a tailored plan to help launch your career as a model in the entertainment industry.

My private coaching approach is rooted in education, networking, and resourcing to expose clients to opportunities for success and sustainability in the entertainment industry is right for you!

Goal: To establish a foundation lending its way to brand building. Keeping in mind that each client has a different goal is why each package is customizable.

Value: Each package is designed to save you time on your journey to entrepreneurship. Whether your interest is to become a model or brand, each package lists and coaches to expedite your journey without sacrificing quality.

Time: The pace of each individual is an accelerated timeline to be agency submission ready, develop a more robust portfolio, or tailor your niche brand.


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