5 Rituals for Focus



  1. Meditation: Daily meditations early in the morning, mid day or before bed help to remove any unwanted tension. Check out Deepak Chopra’s free meditation page.

  2. Yoga: Helps me to realign with my body, breath and mind. My favorite type of yoga is Bikram Yoga at 105F.

    Benefits of Hot Yoga:

    • improves vascular performance

    • relieves chronic discomfort,

    • assists detoxification

    • promotes weight loss

    • deepens sleep

  3. Epsom Salt Baths: After a long day, work out or being sick epsom salt baths help to remove toxins in the body and muscles. If you’re interested in more of a spiritual bath, add a box of baking soda for an auric cleanse goes one step deeper.

  4. Journaling: I love to realign with my goals and visions by journaling. Taking a few minutes before bed to reprogram and let my thoughts free is so theraputic. Definitely try journaling yourself!

  5. Affirmations: Many of us are stuck in an old negative way of thinking. Affirmations help to change the way of thinking to a more positive, loving way. One of my favorite affirmation series is Louis Hay - 101 Power Affirmations

    Favorite Affirmations from Louis Hay:

    • I am surrounded by love

    • All that I seek is already within me

    • My income is constantly increasing

    • I choose now to release all hurt and resentment

    • All is well in my world

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