Impromtutitity: ..

Don't think to hard, don't try to be to perfect. This is art, not a math equation. 

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I am super methodical when it comes to developing my portfolio. In the past, I have analyzed every detail and strived to achieve perfection. Yes, I am a perfectionist, especially when it comes to my vision and my creativity. I believe in hard work, persistence and dedication. Through the experience of creating art with a perfectionist mindset, I have learned there are better ways. Yes, it is important to develop a concept or see a vision for the project. But sometimes trying to draw too precisely inside the lines, will stifle creativity. 

The process of preparing for a "test shoot" is a very time intensive process. Because I have been so meticulous with details, because it is my work, my portfolio.. why wouldn't I, right?.. Well, I can't do it all. And multiple minds work better than 1.  First of all, I am a commercial artist, I sell products and services through my image. Don't get me wrong, I loveeeee what I do. It is so creative, inspiring and new each time I take on a new project. So of course, I have developed my portfolio around the work that I have booked or would like to book. This is important to understand your market and your image as a talent. This will help guide your decision when creating your next test shoot. 

This look was developed  with a vision in mind and the only thing really planned was a dress and a hat. yes with a Wardobe. Location and concept, nothing really. Jovanka and I did some location scouting mid shoot and used our intuition to create our impromptu look.

Some of my best work  has been spur of the moment ideas. Meaning, what was originally planned was not working and we had to be creative on the spot to develop, what we call, plan B.  I conceptualized for weeks , making sure what I wanted to create was perfect, but as we got into the studio, the idea just didn't play out the way I intended. In saying that. Don't stifle your own creativity, let it flow through you and be ok with the unknown.. More to come on "Impromtuitity"