BTS: Inside the Shoot

Behind the scenes is a really fun place to be. I get to meet a lot of cool people and experience alot of new places. One of my favorite shoots was shot in South Haven, Michigan. I never thought South Haven would be a destination for me. But it is such a cute, small town right on Lake Michigan. It was so relaxing! Keep on reading to see more inside the shoot!

The first prep work for this shoot began with packing of course.. Yes, I over packed and practically brought my whole closet. But you never know what you might need. Always come prepared! So a large suitcase, and two bags later. I was ready to go. 

Next, time for a haircut... Just a trim.. Don't worry. Preparing yourself to look and feel amazing is so important. It helps to add confidence when on camera.  

Hair Stylist: Heidi from @RobertAnthonyHairSalon

Hair Stylist: Heidi from @RobertAnthonyHairSalon

After my 2 and a 1/2 hour drive from Chicago to South Haven. I finally arrived at Old Harbor Inn, which was off the water and super cute. I had a gorgeous room and a view of the water. 

You know the grind doesn't stop. When call time was pushed back to 10:15 am, I took full advantage of the beautiful scenery and weather. I went for a morning run. It was so beautiful. Sun, water and beach!!

Finally, it was time to head to the location of the shoot. Mind blown when I arrived. Yes, it was a mansion beach house! Freaking amazing. 4 stories with a walk out patio or balcony on each floor and steps to the beach. Take a look!

After the initial wow factor, it was time to get to work. First things first, hair, make up and wardrobe!! My favorite :)

I had about 3 different wardrobe changes, check them out. So mom-ish but super cute!

Here are some pictures from my set family. Husband and 2 kids and me.. the "trophy wife" :) 

Now, best for last. The real behind the scenes photo... 

Special thanks to @lilystalent, crew and everyone else involved. I had a blast and look forward to sharing more about this project. Stay tuned for the final ad!