All Saints inspired the mood

Sometimes life is messy, Sometimes life is chaotic. It is how we respond and adapt to change that can determine our outcome and perspective. 

I moved to a new condo and couldn't help but capture the feeling of creativity and mood. This location is very creative, artistic yet industrial. Perfect for seeing it through a camera lens. In the midst of moving and remodeling art was born. Jovanka ( the photographer ) had a vision to create and we made it happen.

Jovanka had the creative vision to capture very moody, black and white images. And so we did... The wardrobe was created with a long asymmetrical All Saints jacket, cropped black skinnies,  and classic black pumps 

Hair and make up was to kept naturally undone. Hair was styled with @loreal volumizing moose and Bumble and Bumble styling Cream. Loreal is my favorite for the beach wave look and BB styling cream is used to create hold and volume at the roots. Make up was applied as natural as possible. A little foundation, mascara, lip gloss and blush was applied. Sometimes the natural  better. 

When working with natural sunlight and a camera, shadows and time of day are major components to make or break the shot. This was shot at the perfect time of day to capture late morning sun, which created a shadow affect from the garage.