Talent Checklist: 17 Essential Items

Talent Checklist: 17 Essential Items



  • Checklist with date

  • 5 page detailed content

  • Beautiful .pdf for on-the-go updates

  • Greatly improves focus for portfolio building

  • Accessible anywhere - Compatible with iCloud Drive - (iPhone, iPad, Mac)

More Details:

Here’s the deal: When I first started I was lost. By word of mouth I found out what I needed to get an agent, book jobs & more. There's so many facets of being a talent — outside of giving that award winning performance or taking that jaw dropping shot. What do you use to keep yourself accountable to the little tasks that need to get done?

That’s why I created the Talent Checklist. Start taking inventory of what’s in your toolkit. In no time you’ll have a well rounded foundation unlikely to pass up! Consider me your digital mentor because your life is about to be way focused!

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